Business Training and Mentoring : Experimental Evidence from Women-Owned Microenterprises in Ethiopia with Markus Goldstein and Gautam Bastian. Economic Development and Cultural Change (University of Chicago Press), October 2022 (vol. 71, no. 1)

Final Manuscript

World Bank Policy Research Working Paper (WPS9552)

Household Shocks and Consumption Smoothing – Evidence from Northern Bangladesh with Atonu Rabbani. Journal of Developing Areas (Tennessee State University Press), Accepted

Final Manuscript


Revise and Resubmit

Social and Financial Incentives for Overcoming a Collective Action Problem with Raymond Guiteras [North Carolina State University], James Levinsohn [Yale University] and A. Mushfiq Mobarak [Yale University] (Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Development Economics)

Yale University Economic Growth Center Discussion Paper 1088 (ungated)

NBER Working Paper 29294

Pre-Analysis Plan

Private transfers, public transfers, and food insecurity during the time of COVID-19: Evidence from Bangladesh with John Hoddinott [Cornell University], Dan Gilligan [IFPRI], Shalini Roy [IFPRI] and Akhter Ahmed [IFPRI] (Revise and Resubmit, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy)


Working Papers

Did prior receipt of nutrition-sensitive social protection build resilience to COVID-19 in Bangladesh? with John Hoddinott [Cornell University], Shalini Roy [IFPRI] and Akhter Ahmed [IFPRI]

Working paper

Female Empowerment and the Intrinsic Demand for Agency: Experimental Evidence from Northern Nigeria with Marcel Fafchamps [Stanford University], Markus Goldstein [World Bank], Kenneth Leonard [University of  Maryland] and Sreelakshmi Papineni [World  Bank]

Working paper

Presentation slides

Pre-Analysis Plan

An Evaluation of the Impact of Feed the Future in Bangladesh with A. Ahmed, D. O. Gilligan, G. Thai.

Women, Schooling and Marriage in Rural Philippines with Sanjaya De Silva [Bard College]  (Permanent Working Paper)

Levy Economics Institute Working Paper, No. 701


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The Dhaka Tribune, April 11, 2021: On the road to inclusive recovery

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post on reliefweb, October 16, 2020

Research In Progress:

“Skin in the Game: Micro-equity and Mentorship for Online Freelancing based Micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh” with Simon Quinn [University of Oxford], Muhammad Meki [University of Oxford] and Abu S. Shonchoy [Florida Intn’l University]

Received Exploratory Research Grant from DFID Private Enterprise Development in Low Income Countries (PEDL)

Project Description on PEDL website

New draft coming in June, 2021!