Awards and Grants

• Dean’s Fellowship, University of Maryland, $10,000, 2018–2019
• DFID Private Enterprise Development in Low Income Countries (PEDL),”Skin in the Game: Microequity and Mentorship for Online Freelancing based Micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh”, GBP(£)35,000, 2017-2018, with Abu Shonchoy, Simon Quinn and Muhammad Meki
• World Bank – Africa Gender Innovation Lab, “Cash Transfers and Intra-Household Bargaining Power: Using Measures from Lab-in-the-Field Experiments,” $45,000, 2017
• Bruce and Mary Ann Gardner Dissertation Enhancement Award, UMD – College Park, $5,000, May 2017
• Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant, University of Maryland – College Park, $1,000, March 2017
• Distinguished Scientist Scholarship, Bard College, September 2007-May 2010 (Full Tuition Scholarship)
• Levy Economics Scholarship, Bard College, September 2010-May 2011 (Full Tuition Scholarship)
• Champion, National Parliamentary Debate Championship at University of Vermont, Fall’ 08; Runner-up, Fall’ 09